The importance of Influencer marketing

The importance of Influencer marketing

While it may seem that the methods to market your business have never been more complex, diverse and modern, a version of an old-fashioned technique is quickly becoming the favorite of large and small firms around the world.

You have heard of word-of-mouth marketing and you know that it works. The best recommendation you can get is from a satisfied customer who tells a friend about your product and accomplishments. 

Influencer marketing is like word-of-mouth, except faster.

The Kardashian family is an example of successful influencers. When they mention a product on their TV show or share it with their millions of fans on social media, the item sells out.

You can’t afford a Kardashian, though, so here is some information to help you understand and participate in influencer marketing to help grow your business.

An influencer is someone who has a following. In today’s social media world, there are plenty of famous people posting on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, but there are others you have not heard of unless you are interested in their particular niche.

Mommy Bloggers are an example. They recommend diaper brands, local daycare opportunities, and fun things to do with your kids when you are on the verge of losing your home-bound mind. But there are plenty of other people talking about plenty of other topics. In fact, you can find someone with a blog — or a page on Pinterest, or an ongoing riff on Instagram — about anything you might imagine.

They don’t all have millions of followers. But the people who do follow — and trust — these thought leaders spend time with their favorite influencers because they passionately share the same ideas, hobbies or view of the world. 

That old word-of-mouth idea is a perfect match for the current social media world. It is why 63% of marketers say they will increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year, according to a survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub, and why Streamline Marketing says that 93% of marketers use social media influencers.

We are believers, and have started employing the use of influencers ourselves.

Earlier this year, Bingley Digital bought a brand called Drinking Divas, an e-service company that sells glassware with light-hearted designs and sayings.

The company already had a lot going for it. The website is gorgeous. (We designed it.) The blog is full of humor and suggests party and dining experiences that might call for new glassware. Instagram, with its 500 million daily users, is a big part of influencer marketing; the Divas’handle is @thedrinkingdivas. And we are now working with influencers to broaden engagement with the Drinking Divas brand, which in turn will drive traffic to the website and increase sales.

We chose our influencers (all women for this female-focused brand) to represent the range of our customers, both existing and desired. They each have committed followers and are Diva customers themselves. They responded to a post on the website that solicited potential influencers.

We researched the demographics of their audiences and compared it to the Divas’ audience, assessed their content to ensure it was a good fit, and analyzed how they interacted with their followers.

Our influencers blog and post on Instagram, and range from a married mom of three boys who is “passionate about encouraging women and taking real life steps forward in finding true happiness and freedom,” to a fashion-focused 20-something with a clear sense of herself: “Grey and black are my spirit animals.”

They aren’t famous, but they are authentic, have built their own brands, and they convey that authenticity to their own audiences and, now, to our product.

We recently announced our newest glass, called “Golden Hour,” aimed at Golden Retriever lovers. Our current influencers have pets and are happy to tell stories and post photos about woman’s best friend, but we are also looking for pet-centric — or better yet, Golden-centric — social media conversationalists who will discuss how much they love the cute and high-quality tumbler they reach for after a happy day at the dog park.

Influence marketing works because the fans of your influencers share the same likes and dislikes and are eager to connect — just as they would with a trusted friend.

Bingley Digital can help you find your influencers. Call us at (203) 241-3551 or email and we will discuss your ideas and questions over a cup of coffee.