Six tips on how to make Facebook work for your business

Six tips on how to make Facebook work for your business

Under the category of “Nothing in Life is Getting Easier,” we can add promotion of your business on social media.

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has slowly made it more difficult for businesses to connect with consumers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s stated reasons for the alterations to the company’s algorithm was that he wanted to make Facebook more meaningful for users. The changes, which have continued to be tweaked, mean posts from friends and family become more important, and more visible, than advertisements and random chatter on the platform.

After the initial horror, businesses realized that to succeed, they had to figure out how to really communicate with potential customers. Posts about kittens and puppies would no longer do the job.

Experimentation and data crunching has revealed this: Creating a viable Facebook presence is doable, and requires consistent and sincere communication. Plus some money for Facebook ads.

Tips that will make Facebook work for your business in 2020

  1. Think of consumers as individuals who want to be engaged with entertaining and educational material. Content needs to be original and tell users something new about your product and service. Just as you will ignore a Facebook “friend” who is no longer interesting (complaining, boring, over-the-top politically, etc.) you won’t attract eyeballs with dull information. In fact, today the people you want to connect with will never see your content. If few people interact with your messaging, Facebook will bury you.
  2. Interesting ideas are primary, but along with the written word, consider video, especially via Facebook Live, the video channel for Facebook. Presenting contest results, new products and other news makes for engaging content that users will add to their schedules. If they miss the Live announcement, they can still watch the video later.
  3. Facebook hosts a lot of groups that focus on specific topics. Join the groups that your business best fits into, and share your commentary and videos there.
  4. Respond to every connection. When someone comments on your post, thank them and ask them a question in return. Not only will your future posts be more likely to show up in the feed of your new acquaintance, but his or her friends will see the information as well and some of them are likely to connect with you.
  5. You are building a community of like-minded people. Your own employees are a great place to start, and it is smart to ask all of them to connect to the company Facebook page and respond to new posts. Ask the same of the members of any club or networking group you belong to.
  6. So far, none of the content-building mentioned above has required payments to Facebook. However, it turns out that Facebook rewards those who also purchase Facebook ads, which can be tailored to reach potential customers in certain regions or with specific interests. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and they often result in new business or interest. The boost to your news feed will be worth the cost.

While what we think of as traditional advertising – newspaper, radio and TV – has shrunk or become less effective, social media has grown in importance.

In many ways, social media advertising is more controllable and measurable, and therefore easier to understand, than the old advertising. But it is also more work, because you need to continuously monitor and update.

You, or a clever employee, can put in place all of the practices listed above. But if you want guidance, or just don’t have the interest or time to populate your social media messaging in a way that will build customers, connect with Bingley Digital by phone at (203) 241-3551 or email to for a cup of coffee and a conversation about how to meet your needs.