Optimizing your company’s Instagram

Optimizing your company’s Instagram

Take the shot and post it! Maybe edit the picture a bit and apply some filters which are easily accessible. Find the right hashtag or memorable quote and you are on your way. Sound like you? This is the easiest and most common way people go about posting individual posts on Instagram. We focus primarily on the reaction for each post instead of focusing on long term followers and the image we would like to set as a whole. You can personalize and maximize your feedback by focusing not only on the post itself but the theme or image you wish to portray when followers visit your account. Are you organized? Do you have a common theme? Here are some tips as well as a few apps that will help you maximize your potential and reap a new generation of followers.

#1 – Avoid haphazardness

Sometimes it seems best to make a post based on a compulsion or what you feel might get the most attention in the moment. Instant gratification is a must in our time, but what happened to the element of surprise? What happens to working toward something great? Think ahead! Think about what you are trying to sell or the image you are trying to relay in the long run. How can your posts now help build up the momentum to more important and hopefully game changing posts?

#2 – Common theme

There is nothing more frustrating than a lack of balance when viewing a business’s website or Instagram account. Our eyes don’t know where to look and we are left wondering what the purpose is behind it all. What sets this company or organization apart? Balance is key in this life and this should roll over into your decisions on how you will construct your Instagram account. Some simple steps to take in order to reach this balance may include: common colors, similar filters (i.e. black and white), similar imagery, or as previously mentioned some pattern in which you build up to the goal or overall image. Is it pleasant to the eye? Or does it cause visionary overload? We must place ourselves in the shoes of those people we wish acquire and view it through their eyes.

#3 – Stick to your goal

Often times we jump ship on great ideas in order to seize the moment. A lot of small steps make big changes. Remember that each individual post should be flowing in the direction you are wanting to course out. In the moment we may seek instant gratification, but how much better would it be if your final goal was the fulfillment of this gratification? Not only will you receive more gratification but you will achieve the image and the ideas you wish to set for your company or personal potential. Avoid compulsives posts. Step back and think about what you are trying to achieve. Think about the direction in which you want your company to go. Make this the goal of every post and it will not disappoint.

Here are some Apps available to help make this possible:

VSCO – offers great tools for custom filters, image sharpening, as well as general editing. The possibilities are almost limitless. (Subscription required for premium features)

InShot – allows the user to create custom borders as well as various filters which allow for editing images optimized for Instagram stories.

Adobe Spark – allows you to create designs, quotes, and flyers using preset templates in order to allow even a non experienced person to make great images which will leave a lasting impact on your followers. (Subscription required for premium features)